Now Upon a Time : Lil Ruby is a story telling project with the Martin Agency. The story reworks old fairytales with a modern twist and an empowering message.

In this 3D animation sample trailer for Now Upon a Time, I created matte paintings for the 3D assets and illustrated + designed the title pages to convey the environment and vibe of the setting.

Watch Video Here:

Lil Ruby Trailer SuperJoy Credits

Motion Design Director: Liam Ward Lead Producer: Joanna Recinos

Producer: Dustin LaForce Editing: Liam Ward

Additional Editing: Gary McHatton Storyboard Artist: Eric Serviss

Concept Artist: Chris Visions Character Design: Matt Deans

Visual Development: Kevin Kwong Title Design: Masako Yamaguchi

Character Modeling & Texture: Angelo Martin Character Rigging & Animation: Richard DeForno

CG Modeling & Texture: Jay Purrington Matte Painter: Masako Yamaguchi

Layout & Animation: Liam Ward Lighting & Compositing: Liam Ward Color & Finishing: Justin Ihara Music: Overcoast Sound