K-Town Kitchen & Bar

K-town is a Korean restaurant that focuses on traditional Korean food and has a message to spread Korean culture through cuisine. The inspiration and concept is from traditional Korean paintings and folklore. The design is to create a simple modern brand design that sticks to traditional roots.

Zero Flux

For this project I did a brand identity board for a clothing brand Zero Flux, this was for a personal project in creating a streetwear apparel brand that used AI as an inspiration for the products.

SuperJoy Office Mural

SuperJoy is a creative agency that focuses on content creation, animation and advertising. They have a fun and playful aesthetic that shows in the work as well as the work environment.  For this project, I created murals to decorate the SuperJoy Office space.While creating these murals I used their style guide and fun branding characters as inspiration to create these whimsical …

Project Yellow Light

Project Yellow Light is an organization that promotes safe driving. They created a competition designed to bring change and promote the message. This contest encourages students to submit creative videos and audio recordings to express the importance of road safety. In this video I worked with a creative team in SuperJoy to make a video advertisement for the competition. This was going to …

SuperJoy Swag

For this project I worked with SuperJoy, a creative studio, designing merchandise for the brand. Alongside their design team I created different apparel and accessories that were to be distributed to employees and clients.